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Where does Creed Lead?

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On the ArtLive! conference today at the Dominion Theatre, hosting Germaine Greer, Quentin Blake, Martin Creed, and someone else whose name now escapes me.

The discussion title was “What is Art?”

A pretty useless question to ask, this kind of debate never gets anyone anywhere. But, my school organised it, and to be honest I was so excited to see Anthony Gormley speak!

But Anthony Gormley pulled out last-minute, to be replaced by someone whose name still escapes me.

A little birdy tells me that Anthony Gormley actually went on holiday, and not had unavoidable circumstances. I guess the call of the Maldives in that loud huh.

Martin Creed was so adorable! Words cannot describe his hesitancy, and let’s be honest, strangeness. He walks on stage, and mumbles something like “Um…. so. I don’t really know what I’m going to say… but I will tell you what I do… What I do is make things for people to look at really…”

A dancer joins him on stage, mimicking him every time he scrunched up his brow and did little jigs.

Everyone was holding back laughter, he said things like “Winning the Turner Prize [in 2001] was nice… it was like school again… and I hated school…”

Soon our Mr Creed opened for questions. A room full of 6th forms is lethal. It prompted

“How much crack did you take this morning?”

He replied in complete calm, “Oh you  know… average, a medium amount.”

In the midst of all his bumblings there were some very clear ideas. Is he acting? I don’t think so, I think he’s speaks near to a stream of conciousness, and doesn’t fully form ideas before he speaks them. Definitely something really interesting going on there.

Martin Creed’s definition of art is something which is called art by other people. Germaine Greer agreed with him, though managed to impart the same message about… 20 minutes quicker.

She was sharp, quick, concise. The majority of public art was dismissed as naff, shit, and even disturbing.

The most memorable thing that she said, is that Graffiti is art. That art is also about ‘tagging’ your name. That made me really want to go out and…

Hmm. Is it still vandalism if you draw an incredibly moving picture? What about a poem? I always get the temptation to write a poem on the back of club bathroom doors, give those stupid drunk girls a second thought other than ‘oooh! table!’.

Oops. Off topic.

Quentin Blake was really inspiring, he talked about his work for hospital bedrooms, and his move away from books. He is so positive. It was refreshing to see such unfazed positivity.

A mural-esque illustration for a children’s hospital in France. He said that many of the children had recently immigrated, and now had long-term physical or mental problems. He thought about their feeling of limbo by being dislocated from home, and how to assure them that they are safe in this hospital.


The Best of Edible Fashion – Jean Paul Gaultier

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The Best of Edible Fashion


Breasts in dough, corsets out of breadsticks – every man’s dream really.