In 1 on December 10, 2009 at 1:31 am

I started this blog a couple of months back, and I don’t know whether to carry on! It’s only had 32 views so far, and I’m about the least tecchy person possible.

But then, what d’you do when you fall off the horse? (other than scream in pain at your broken ankle)

Get. Back. On. Again.

But not like, on, the horse. Drugs are bad. I mean like riding – oops –

What do you do when the hole’s deepening around you?

Get. Back. Out. Again.

  1. Hey ya!

    Nice blog you got, it’s all artistic. Don’t give up just because the hits ain’t coming. It’s just for fun… If you are seriously hoping for advertising dollars, then that’s another thing. But I am seeing a blogger who is showing off his wonderful personality, of what he likes and the beautiful sides of perceptions.

    So… When I first started, and till now… ain’t really that marvelling for so many hits. As long as the blog is normal and not ‘fixed’, we’d just blog on.

    Yeah, blatantly Men are pigs… Oink oink~ Many men are adorable pigs… like myself. LOL~ That’s kidding. It’s just how what girls see in a man. Those girls like this Edward Cullen, he’s a… vampire. LOL~ They like ‘Bats’.

    So what does it matter? If that girl is fated to be yours, she can call you whatever, others can call you whatever, what’d that matter?

    Pigs… Tell ’em, jump into my arms and they can call me whatever they want. LOL~

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