In Fashion on November 17, 2009 at 11:06 pm

Either I am getting premature cataracts, or I am getting blinded by the gleaming studded high-street every day when I walk to school.

Studs are symbols of rebellion, a harsh statement of non-conformity. Only punks in Camden could pull them off, loving the points and whispers from curious day-trippers. A spiked and studded girl would be given a space through a crowd – lest she stab you with her tongue piercing, or something equally terrifying.

Then once upon a time, a skinny self-appointed indie bought a studded jacket on Brick Lane. Much to the awe of the other aspiring alternatives, so they all followed suit. Being indie is being individual, no? But anyway, that is a different post.

A couple of years later, and no one gives a girl in a studded jacket a second glance. Thank you Topshop.

Lame dress.

Do these girls even understand that by following a fashion of wearing studs, they are destroying their very appeal?

Being alternative has become a style in itself. That’s a contradiction in terms!

But stop.

Wait just a second.

Punks are all dressed the same, so… they conform too…

  1. So we’re all hypocrites!!

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